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It can be pretty confusing if you have a boxer and do not really know what to feed them. And why this confusion?There are many such breeds that needs dog food advisor to be fed certain types of dog food for effective dog grooming. Yes, your confusion is justified. Boxers need special types of foods to maintain the best nutrition and keep them healthy. In the following article we will look through the theories behind picking the best dog food for boxers and also try to look at what is the best dog food for boxers. If you need to know more about it, read the following article about the type of food you should feed dogs and why.

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Dog Food Advisor Diet for boxers

The thing with boxers is that they need to keep a certain type of diet active and healthy. And although they require a special diet, it must be regulated or they end up getting fat and therefore lazy and prone to dog diseases. Another pointer to keep in mind is never to experiment with the type of foods that you are feeding them. It takes a toll on the dog’s health and its digestive system suffers. So what as some of the best foods for boxers?

Many owners prefer it, their boxers feed the BARF (biologically equivalent raw food) diet other than the processed and commercially available dog food. The BARF diet consists of dog food recipes, which mainly feeds them with bone and other raw foods along with the other necessary supplements. These ingredients are fixed by dog food advisor as follows:

* Raw Meat

* Bones

* Dairy Products

* Eggs

* Fish

* Fruit

* Muscle Meat

* Vegetables

And certain dietary supplements that can not be derived through food.

The advantage of this type of food for boxers is that you can control what you feed and make sure that only the best dog food for boxers is provided. Also they can either use homemade dog food recipes or those that act as a substitute for meals. The reason why this is important is that boxers are one of those dog breeds that are prone to dog allergies and other dog health problems that can be avoided if you know what you are feeding and controlling the amount as well.

Best Dog Food Advisor for Boxers


Homemade dog food advising for boxer dog

Here are amazing recipes that will help you solve your problems, what will feed to your boxers. So just stop worrying and start feeding. (That was a terrible one, I agree)

  • Dog food advisor Recipe NO. 1


* minced meat (5 pounds)

* chicken liver cut into small bites (6 oz)

* eggs (6)

* oats (2 cups)

* plain pumpkin (1 large can)

* yogurt (1 cup)

* green beans (2 cans)


* Use a large pot and pour in yogurt, pumpkin, green beans, eggs, poultry liver and eggs.

* Now mix the oats and stir well.

* Mix the paste with the minced meat and freeze.

* Every time you need to feed your dog, just thaw this mixture and you’re done.

* You can do many things with this dish as well. For example, make it into a stew or bake.

It would make your boxer good if you add some form of calcium to the mix.

* The great thing is that you can add variety to the vegetables and oats and change the ingredients as and when.

  • Dog food advisor Recipe NO.2


* turkey or any other meat (protein)

* starch (potatoes, rice, noodles)

* vegetables

So make sure that the ratio of meat (egg white) to starch to vegetables should be 1/1/01.


* Cook the turkeys in clear water without adding spices or the like.

* Once the meat is soft, separate them from the bones and measure in cups for a correct guess what you need.

* Continue cooking no starch. You could use the same water that you cook the turkey.

* These two ingredients and add stewed vegetables (carrots are an excellent choice) to the same.

* Mix this well, store in bags and freeze.

* Then just get a bag from every time you want to feed it.


So, now you know what some of the best dog food for boxers are, you can make sure that they only get the best and most nutritious foods. Unfortunately, this article cannot give you very many recipes, but many websites want. So get started and be treated in the list for some more dog.

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